FRAY Studio Video Design
We see stages - not screens

FRAY Studio Services

FRAY studio offers a wide range of services from initial concept design, creative and technical supervision and final delivery.

FRAY Studio Services

FRAY provides a wide range of services from initial concept design through to technical realisation.

Creative development

Working in collaboration with Directors, Creative Directors, Designers and other key steak holders FRAY develops the conceptual approach to the video content through a variety of means from sitting in a cabin in the woods with the whole creative team to traditional face to face meeting. Through out this process we are referencing, researching and developing the project’s look.


video content production

FRAY Studio has no singular approach to production. The approach is always lead by the creative direction of the project.

We use techniques wide-ranging from Generative Content to traditional 2.5D Animation, 3D animation and modeling, cell animation, film shoots, editing, grade composite, and final finish.


realisation on stage

Working with technology partners we develop any show specific technologies required and combine with bespoke video content into the final show. We communally review and develop the video content all the way through to opening night.

Technology Partners

Technology is a vital part of FRAY’s work and we close working relationship with several entertainment technology companies and noted technologists such as Jonathon Lyle and Zach Peletz. We have enjoyed extensive collaborations with Disguise, Notch, Jonathon and Zach in the past allowing us to develop new technologies for show specific ideas keeping us at the forefront of new innovations and bring unique and impossible ideas to life.