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FRAY is a multi award winning video art & design studio specialising in live performance founded in 2015 by Finn Ross and Adam Young after many years of working together.

Since it’s foundation FRAY has emerged in a leader in its field collaborating with world class creative institutions (The Metropolitan Opera, V&A museum, The National Theatre, La Philharmonic, West End and Broadway) from around the globe.  We are multidisciplinary working across theatre, opera, rock, museums, art instillations and high quality bespoke art-works for corporate clients.

What unites these different areas of work is the focus on using video as a storytelling tool.  Video is more than a screen, it is seen as 3d space, some times active, sometimes passive, but always moving the energy of the story forward. 

FRAY develops the creative direction of a project in close collaboration with the client and designs the technical systems by which a show is realised. This approach ensures continuity from concept to delivery.

Technology is a vital part of FRAY’s work and they have a close working relationship with many leading entertainment technology companies allowing them to stay at the forefront of the industry and lead new innovations to bring unique and seemingly impossible ideas to life.

FRAY Studio is a multi award winning video design studio specialising in live performance lead by Finn Ross and Adam Young. We develop the creative direction of a project and the technical systems to realise it ensuring continuity from concept to delivery.  We focus on video as a storytelling tool, working with creative directors, designers, visual artists, musicians and technologists to see beyond screens to use video creatively in three-dimensional space. Learn more